Changes coming soon..

HI everyone!!  I feel like I need to explain myself. I know a few weeks ago I said I was coming back to doing more LIVE and videos. That was before we were told that our foster son would be going back to his mom full time in middle of June once the judge signs the case off,  Because of that, we’ve been doing a lot of things with him before he leaves.  Our whole family is struggling with it as we have been raising him for over 4 years, but it all will work out!!   The bio mom and I have talked and she wants to have us to stay in his life as his “grandparents” which we are very happy to do!  It’s a huge adjustment not just for him, but for us as well.  So the next few weeks is going to be rough for us.

So please be patient with me while we figure this out.  I did mention to hubby that once thing calms down a bit; I wanted to come back to doing lives and more videos, but just so you know I will doing different things. There will be be paper-crafting and chalk couture so you will see mix of everything!!

again, thank you for being patient with me throughout the year and sticking with me!  Just little bit more longer before I get back to it!!

Much Loves!!!



  1. Amanda says:

    Sending you and your family tons of loves. Adjustment isn’t easy but go at your own pace. Whenever your ready, I look forward to what you bring to your videos.

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